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Companies with VAT issues as at 04.05.2021

Notice to Stakeholders

  1. How create an account - Please watch the video tutorials or view the page 9 of the FAQs

  2. If you want to know whether or not your application is correctly filled, please see

  3. Ensure to provide clear, correct and complete information/documents.

  4. Please contact the TIN/VAT unit at the following numbers or the email, in case you

    • Want to activate a new company for import/export purpose.

    • Have an urgent export shipment (if already registered in AsyCuda)

    • Have a shipment held at a Customs gate (Port/Airport/Yard)

    • TIN/VAT unit - 0112-143434 Ext: 7020, 7010          Email:

  5. Please contact the CHA unit for matters regarding the issues of Customs House Agents

    • CHA unit - 0112-143434 Ext: 7022          Email:

  6. You may call the RMU in the following instances.

    1. If your account is suspended by Customs and you cannot lodge CusDecs. (Before calling the RMU or the TIN/VAT unit, ensure that the online registration is complete)

    2. If your account is locked and you need to provide/upload further information/additional documents.

    3. If you did not receive the verification code or need to delete the online account. (If created mistakenly).

    4. To get any additional information not listed in 1-5 above.

    5. Please do not call the RMU to check whether your application is complete or not. (Materials have been provided in this regard).

    RMU contact details:

    * Between 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. on all week-days-:

    070-5117171 , 070-5157171 , 070-5607171 , 070-5677171 or 011-2143434 Ext. 7855 / 7862
    Email -: " "
    Weekends and Public Holidays (only for inquiries related to urgent Export shipments) between 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.-: 070-2456000 and 070-3436000

    070-2456000, 070-3436000, 070-5117171, 070-5147171, 070-5157171, 070-5177171, 070-5607171, 070-5667171, 070-5677171, 070-5907171

  7. Please do not call to enquire about the VAT. For this purpose you must contact the Inland Revenue Department .Ensure that you have a valid VAT certificate before registering with Customs.

Please note

  1. You may have to produce the originals of the uploaded documents, if they are required by the TIN/VAT /CHA Units.

  2. Registration of Importers and exporter is totally free of charge

  3. Prior to calling the TIN Unit or the RMU, please clear your bowser cache by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+DEL and sure that all required docs are attached to the application

Guide for the Online Registration - Sinhala
Guide for the Online Registration - Tamil

Guide for the Online Registration - English